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And follow your wet dreams!

Matthew McConaughey: Instagram

Reading his book ‘Greenlights’ filled me with a renewed passion and commitment for writing.

Now I journal every day.

Writing Through the Hardest Years of Your Life Can Keep You Sane.

4. Calling out everyday idiocy keeps us grounded.

Image Source: The Iconic

Despite being in their mid-20s, their recent interviews shed some insightful wisdom on how they approach life, business and friendship…

1. Keep Searching and Commit to ‘Going Hard’ When You Find It.

Only Child Syndrome: Fact or Fiction.

Source: Unsplash — Fernanda Greppe

But Your Child Needs a Sibling To Play With.

Dear everyone.

Source: Unsplash — Possessed Photography

Stop Rushing Me To Bounce Back.

Would you lend your favourite shoes to a friend? What about a stranger at the park? Then why do we force toddlers to share their toys?

Source: Unsplash — Kristin Brown

But toddlers aren’t selfish if they don’t want to share; they’re just toddlers.

My Son Is Two Years Old — When He Is Reluctant To Share His Toy With Another Child, I Don’t Force Him To Give It Up, Even if the Other Child Is Upset.

Have I created a bad habit and a rod for my back?

Source: Pexels — Maria Lindsay

We’ve heard it all before — rocking, cuddling, feeding and singing your baby to sleep will create bad habits and more problems in the future.

Heaven forbid, my child may never be able to fall asleep on his own!

If you leave a baby to cry alone in a room during the day, it’s called neglect. But if you do the same at night, it’s called sleep training.

Source: Pexels — Emma Bauso

Joanna Mitchell

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